Why you should take a Screenshot with Your Smartphone?

 Why you should take a Screenshot with Your Smartphone?

As you know mobile is great tool for today for daily needs. Mobile screenshot is best feature of every Smartphone and you should know that how to take mobile screenshot. Mobile screenshot is very important as a proof of mobile payments, mobile banking, mobile recharges, and any other helpful information. Know how mobile screenshot is helpful.

Why you should take a Screenshot with Your Smartphone?

  • Save a picture to use as wallpaper on your phone
  • Save gift or Offers ideas
  • Help someone understand something
  • Inappropriate comment on social media in case if you doubt that it can be deleted
  • Help remember something
  • Save gift card bar codes
  • Save great ideas to remember later
  • Remember to share something later
  • Take a photo of your calendar’s “to do” list for the day
  • Get proof of mobile payment transactions or something
  • Get proof of order for mobile orders
  • Get proof of mobile banking or mobile recharges
  • Remember great websites you come across
  • Save coupon bar codes
  • Showing a problem you’re having to a friend when asking for help

Know how to take a screenshot Motorola G4+ and Oneplus 5T Smartphones?

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