Know Latest AT&T USSD Codes or AT&T Service Codes in the USA

Are you AT&T Mobile Subscriber, and looking for USSD codes? Then you are in the right place. We will provide you the latest and updated AT&T USSD and Service codes. So that you can check AT&T mobile balance, AT&T billing statement, the carrier uses, AT&T data uses, and other information on the go.

How to use AT&T USSD Codes or AT&T Service codes?

To use AT&T service codes, Enter code on your phone, Press Call Button & the get a text update within seconds.

How do I get the list of AT&T USSD codes / Service Codes or Star codes?

Here is the list of AT&T USSD Codes which you can use for various information on the phone.

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To Use for
English Code
Spanish Code
Make a payment
Follow the prompts to pay the full amount due, including any overdue balance.
Check your remaining data and messaging balance
Check your remaining minutes balance2
Check your balance, get next bill due date, and last payment received
Check your order status
Use English
Check your upgrade eligibility
Use English


How do I use USSD codes in AT&T?

  1. Simply open the phone call
  2. Dial the USSD code. Some start with *, others #, and others *#.
  3. Dial #. Make the phone call. When the code is running, you will see "Please wait..
  4. After a few seconds, you will receive a text from AT&T

How do I TEXT AT&T for data usage?

Simply dial *3282# from your AT&T wireless phone. For Spanish, dial *3285#. You will receive a text message with your data and messaging usage.

How do I check my balance on my AT&T phone?

Dial *777# from your AT&T Prepaid phone to get a text message with your balances. The text will give you your account balance and other account details like your data balance and monthly plan info.

How can I get text logs from AT&T?

You'll be able to see records of texts sent and to which numbers at Log in and go to myAT&T > My wireless > Check usage. On the Usage page, scroll down to Usage by number and select the line you wish to view. Click on Data, text & talk logs

How do I check my data usage on AT&T Go Phone?

Know your data usage options in AT&T mobile
Use your tablet or computer to log in and check your usage anytime.
Dial *777# from your AT&T PREPAID phone.

Can AT&T recover deleted text messages?

No, Telecom operators never save or backup text messages. You can take the weekly backup of your phone to read SMS later.

How to Read AT&T Text Messages without a mobile?

  1. You should have AT&T account to access these details. You can signup and Log in by clicking on the "My AT&T" tab on AT&T's homepage. Select "Messages and Email" from the side menu that pops up.
  2. Enter your phone number after choosing "Wireless" from the "Select Account Type" tab. 
  3. Type the password and press "Log in." Click on the "Data" tab to view your text messages.

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